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A stranger will demonstrate this evidence. Due to the fact the very initial people appeared on the Earth, they had been striving to locate the essence of getting.

Camu raises the challenge of the sense of everyday living and displays that the only way to a meaningful life is liberty and independence from norms and stereotypes depicting this proof by means of his protagonist and his indifferent posture in a variety of lifetime instances.


For the aim of this paper, it would make feeling to commence with the incredibly to start with words of the novel. “Maman died today.

Or yesterday maybe, I never know”. By this phrase, the writer has challenged his audience. He has ventured to doubt the holiest and the most cherished obligation of just about every child – their appreciate to parents (Rogers 119).

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The dilemma of norms and stereotypes seems on these 1st pages. His Stranger is diverse from the the write my research papers vast majority of youngsters. He has ventured not to undergo simply because of the death of her mother. He has been named, cruel, and insensitive. Even so, there is no any goal reality in which this blames could be justified.

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Loss of life is unavoidable. Nevertheless, it is widespread in the modern society to grieve for these who die. From write my paper the reasonable level of check out, individuals consciously foredoom on their own for sufferings which are not justified due to the fact of the inevitability of the instances that trigger these sufferings.

Thus, there is no sense to grieve simply because of destiny.

This is the extremely very first motive of existentialism plainly demonstrated by Camu. However, the modern society rejects this tactic to life. Folks need to have sufferings. They have to have agony due to the fact it is a form of pleasure.

Pain is a resource of thoughts. Though it is a damaging feeling in a common perception, it is in any case a source of solid emotions. Individuals are dependent on feelings. Thus, dramas make feeling in a human remaining.


Camu as a result of his Stranger indicates an completely distinctive actuality. To a particular diploma, this new way of daily life is fewer vibrant mainly because it predisposes rather neutral psychological states. By rejecting sufferings and dependence on the feelings, Camu implies flexibility. This flexibility has an solely various character and excellent than all those usual for the popular aware.


It predisposes reconsideration of values, priorities, and basic attitude to lifetime. It is not an quick way due to the fact no a single offers direct answers.

These types of solution makes a feeling of uncertainty, the loose of management in excess of the situation, and hence, is a critical source of anxiousness for people. Anxiety can make people dependent. There is no trace of liberty by way of panic. A absolutely free person is not anxious about nearly anything. They do not have to be worried about the factors that are unavoidable. A human can truly impact pretty number of outcomes of activities in the universe.

Hence, a lot of factors develop into unavoidable in getting. Freedom below is to comprehend that there is no aim sense in currently being. All the material objectives lose their sense in comparison to the universe. Persons are guests in it and there keeping in this article, on this earth is short-term. The only perception is to notice the absence of any sense and, consequently, get correct and eternal freedom.


Furthermore, to ensure the purpose to freedom in Camu’s “Stranger” it is worthy of to think about Meursault’s remaining in prison.

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