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Our panelists gave it the lowest overall score of any service we tested, noting that its meetings were hard to join, compared with those of competitors, and that its audio and video quality were subpar. In addition, it has no free plan, and its paid offerings max out at 100 attendees, making it unsuitable for larger companies that meet remotely.

Although Jitsi Meet isn’t equipped to handle the needs of large companies, it is a quick and easy way to connect with friends, and it could be equally effective for freelancers and small startups. We love Jitsi Meet’s concise security and privacy policies, which make it abundantly clear that user data is not for sale. If you’re handy with server administration, you can even download the source code and set up your own server with your own rules, ensuring that your data never leaves your own ecosystem.

ezTalks works well enough, but it’s too stripped down to recommend for most people. It has one of the more generous free attendee counts, allowing for 100 participants and 25 simultaneous video streams. But like Zoom, it puts a restrictive time limit on free meetings, and we weren’t fans of its limited scheduling options or of the fact that screen sharing isn’t available on iOS devices.

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Jitsi’s YouTube playback functionality is legitimately entertaining, and it’s a nice feature to have for casual get-togethers. Think of it like the video-conferencing version of a Netflix watch party. (Though of course there are legitimate business applications, as well.)Like other browser-based video-conferencing services, Jitsi lets you share your entire screen, a specific app window, or a specific browser tab. Screen sharing doesn’t work on mobile devices, but those using the Android or iOS app can still see content that desktop participants share. In short, if you can think of it, Zoom’s web settings panel probably has an option for it. And almost all of these features are available to free-account users. Next, we conducted a series of test meetings, each attended by up to 11 Wirecutter staffers.

  • Within a year, many podcasts from public radio networks like the BBC, CBC Radio One, NPR, and Public Radio International placed many of their radio shows on the iTunes platform.
  • On September 9, 2005, the United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected the application, citing Wikipedia’s podcast entry as describing the history of the term.
  • Patent and Trademark Office invalidated five provisions of Personal Audio’s podcasting patent.
  • Between February 10 and 25 March 2005, Shae Spencer Management, LLC of Fairport, New York filed a trademark application to register the term "podcast" for an "online prerecorded radio program over the internet".

In these meetings, we poked and prodded at each service’s available features and discussed the meeting joining process and any related software downloads. We took turns sharing content, using the hand-raising feature, creating and answering polls, playing with view options and streaming resolutions, sketching on collaborative whiteboards, and more. We recorded these meetings and played them back to SCP – Containment Breach download check the quality. Jitsi Meet is 100% free, requires no setup or account, and makes it simple to invite people to join your meetings. Its video and audio quality were both perfectly acceptable in our testing, and the service has fun extras like in-meeting YouTube video playback and livestreaming. The latter could make Jitsi Meet a good choice for teachers who want to stream classes or for dungeon masters who want to broadcast their D&D campaigns. Since it’s primarily browser-based, it works on any computer, and it has apps for Android and iOS, too.

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