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Alternatives Looking for a different set of features or lower price point? Check out these alternative options for popular software solutions. Appointment Scheduling 10to8 10to8 is a cloud-based LEGO Digital Designer appointment scheduling software that simplifies and automates the process of scheduling, managing, and following up with appointments.

Unfortunately, the editor doesn’t seem to function properly this way, and you can’t use this route to create an email. Once you’ve made your email, you get to the summary page where you can make last-minute changes.

  • This is the best time-saving tool for bloggers, content marketers, and blog editors.
  • This software enables writers and bloggers to edit or omit the unwanted content with just a click.
  • This software supports you to export your posts to multiple WordPress sites at a time.

You can then send the campaign out immediately or schedule it for a later date. You need to create a campaign before you can start building your email. This is quite a standard process of naming your campaign, writing a subject line, and choosing your campaign’s recipients. To make your email, you can use the email design tool to build it from scratch or from a template or use the plain text editor. Klaviyo has over 50 templates, a dozen pre-built layouts, and so-called “Saved Templates”, which already have your company’s logo on the canvas. A great thing about the paid plan is that there are no tiers. Once you opt for a paid plan, all the features remain the same no matter how many contacts you have.

You then have additional options for enabling analytics, split testing, and previewing the entire message in a desktop or mobile view. The email creation process is also nicely streamlined, and you can immediately choose from 40+ templates. You can also view these templates in a mobile preview option. As an alternative, you can also create your email in a plain text editor.

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If you’re trying things out for the first time, then SendInBlue would be a good starting option since you can test things out on their free plan. When you have more experience and a bigger audience, you can always upgrade to get better limits and more features. However, some of the more notable ones are the preview option of 20+ different inbox views, and you can add a live countdown meter feature to your email. One of the most significant features is the ability to change your template without starting from scratch. This saves a lot of time when you feel that you want to change the entire layout, but you still keep the content. You start by creating a contact list and then importing your contacts from a file or copy-pasting them.

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iContact offers a 30-day free trial with a 100 contact and 1,000 email limit, and you don’t need to insert any credit card information. They don’t provide an additional money-back guarantee with their plans. However, their 1000+ integrations count is both impressive and useful for beginners and seasoned email marketers. Their email editor is accessible through the mobile browser, but it feels very clunky, and you might need to turn your device horizontal. Make sure to add a subject line in the editor before moving on to sending your email.

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