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Soho, London’s nightlife district, was crowded and arrested

Soho, London’s nightlife district, was crowded and arrested

In the scenario with 120,000 dead, they assume, among other things, that Great Britain will not react with exit restrictions.

The scientists warned that the next corona outbreak could coincide with a flu wave. Even before that, the chronically underfunded state health service NHS was often on the verge of collapse when the flu sufferers rushed.

In addition, more people could be infected with the corona virus in closed rooms than in summer, the researchers said. In her opinion, a second corona outbreak between September 2020 and June 2021 is likely to be worse than the first.

So far, according to the Ministry of Health, almost 45,000 infected people across the country have died during the first wave. However, a high number of unreported cases is expected. Critics accused the government of reacting too late and incorrectly to the pandemic.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson initially boasted that he had shaken hands with corona infected people – he eventually fell ill with Covid-19 himself and fought for his life in an intensive care unit in a London hospital.

Coincidence or not? Just in time for the publication of the new study, a mask requirement was announced in England. From July 24th, face masks must be worn in supermarkets and other shops in England to protect against the corona virus.

Anyone who violates this must expect a fine. The regulation does not apply to children under the age of eleven. The British Medical Association and opposition politicians named the measure "long overdue".

In Scotland there is already a mask requirement in shops. This had been argued in England; in some cases there were contradicting statements from the government. State Minister Michael Gove said in an interview on Sunday that masking requirements were not necessary. Masks must already be worn on public transport in England.

The state but independent budgetary authority OBR warned that the UK economy could not recover from the Corona crisis until 2024. But the British have a completely different problem: the possible consequences of Brexit.

Brussels and London are negotiating a comprehensive trade and partnership agreement – the talks are very tough. An agreement should be ready by early November at the latest so that it can still be ratified.

Great Britain left the European Union at the end of January, but will still be part of the EU internal market and customs union until the end of the year. Without follow-up regulation, there is a risk of a hard economic break with tariffs and trade barriers. "What is supposed to be the simplest trade deal in history is slowly but relentlessly sliding into a kind of cold war between the EU and Britain"recently wrote the "Independent".

The German darts professional Gabriel Clemens is qualified for the first time for the World Matchplay, the second most important tournament in the to make your community a better place essay This can be seen from the rankings published by the PDC World Federation on the final day of qualification. According to this, the 36-year-old Saarlander is sixth in the Pro Tour Order of Merit and can no longer be pushed out of the top 16. The prestigious World Matchplay, endowed with 700,000 pounds, includes the best 16 professionals in the world rankings and the top 16 in the Pro Tour Order of Merit.

Usually the World Matchplay takes place in Blackpool. But because of the corona pandemic, no spectators are allowed in 2020, which is why the PDC has relocated the location to Milton Keynes (England). In 2018 and 2019 the best German darts professional Max Hopp qualified. The tournament begins on July 18th, the final is scheduled for July 26th.

The Hamburg professional golfer Esther Henseleit screwed up the restart after the Corona break. The 21-year-old from the Falkenstein Golf Club failed on Friday after two rounds of the $ 1.5 million Scottish Open at the Renaissance Club east of Edinburgh at the Cut. Henseleit needed 154 strokes and was thus with twelve attempts over par on the shared 119th place.

The American Stacy Lewis (137) goes into the final weekend as the leader. As the best German player, Olivia Cowan (GC St. Leon-Rot / 139) is tied for fourth place.

Esther Henseleit will play her next tournament from August 20th to 23rd at the Women’s British Open southwest of Glasgow, where $ 4.5 million in prize money will be distributed. 

She is Britain’s anchor of stability: Queen Elizabeth II. The world’s oldest head of state is 94 years old today. Here you can see historical recordings as well as the assessment of a nobility expert.

"It represents a duration, this institution, which basically has been in history for a thousand years", describes nobility expert Thomas Kielinger Queen Elizabeth II. "But the people still feel recognized in it, while all other things are falling behind, so to speak, the monarchy is a luminous point, ”he says in an interview with and doesn’t just mean the institution. Even the Queen herself survived many crises. She wasn’t actually intended to be queen.

Today Queen Elizabeth II turns 94 years old. You can get an insight into her moving life story in the video above, or by clicking here.

Nothing but trouble: The Queen turns 94

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The Hamburg professional golfer Esther Henseleit also failed at the cut in her second tournament after the Corona break. At the $ 4.5 million British Open at the Royal Troon Golf Club in Scotland, the 21-year-old from the Falkenstein Golf Club finished 91st after the second round with 153 strokes and eleven attempts over par.

Before the two final rounds at the weekend, the Swede Daniela Holmqvist leads with 141 strokes. The best German is Sophia Popov (St. Leon-Rot / 142) in shared second place.

In the spring of 1995, the German public was unanimously behind the environmental organization Greenpeace – and against the oil companies Shell and Esso. On April 30th, Greenpeace activists occupied the disused oil platform Brent Spar in the North Sea and demanded that the planned sinking of the huge steel tank in the deep sea be abandoned. "It was about protecting the seas; we felt that we had the right on our side"says Christian Bussau from Greenpeace, who was there at the time. "A corporation is not allowed to dump its industrial scrap in the sea."

In fact, it was a bit more complex, but that didn’t matter much in the course of the campaign. After the pictures of the courageous rubber dinghy activists in stormy seas in front of the gigantic steel monster were shown on television, nobody took the side of Shell. Churches and trade unions, the media and politics unanimously sided with the environmentalists. Shell petrol stations in Germany were boycotted, and in individual cases even attacked. The Brent Spar campaign was comparable to the anti-nuclear protests before and the Fridays for Future demonstrations today.

The protest in Germany did not take place on the street, but on the high seas and in the media. The activists bore the brunt. "We had no electricity, no running water, and there were no showers", recalls Bussau. "We had heated a room, otherwise it was bitterly cold. The temperatures in early May were just above freezing. Because it was so cold, we couldn’t wash"he reports. But the mobilization worked. 

After a week-long war of nerves and their eviction, the activists are successful. Shell waives the planned sinking and dumps the Brent Spar on land; a large part will be used as a quay foundation in Norway, the rest will be scrapped. This was also astonishing because the protests were largely confined to Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, but the decision had to be made in Great Britain. 

"We were on cloud nine", recalls Bussau. "It was a picture book campaign and we thought we could go on and do anything. The landing was tough." Despite the huge approval of the population, the Brent Spar campaign did not bring Greenpeace any sustainable flow of sponsors or donations. The problems and issues became more complex. "Black versus white, small versus large, it doesn’t work that way anymore"says Bussau. "There are more shades of gray."

The Brent Spar campaign is still used in PR academies as an illustration of successful public relations work. To this day, two versions of the Brent Spar dispute exist side by side, writes communication scientist Elisabeth Klaus. "One version sees Brent Spar as an ecological victory against polluters, celebrating the growing environmental awareness and assertiveness of the population, the other version discovers an abuse of democracy by the people "Protest machine" Greenpeace sees manipulation by the manipulators and complains about a malfunction in the media system." 

According to Brent Spar, the countries bordering the North Sea have ruled out the sinking of oil production facilities in an agreement. But even a quarter of a century later, there is a dispute over the disposal of old conveyor technology from the Brent oil field northeast of the Shetland Islands. The four oil rigs Brent Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta have produced the equivalent of more than three billion barrels (159 liters each) of oil and gas since the 1970s. Now it’s over, the field is exhausted. Only Brent Charlie still produces natural gas, but the final end of operations should not be long in coming.

The dismantling of the drilling rigs has been going on for years. The Brent Bravo and Delta superstructures weighing around 25,000 tons are already on the special ship "Pioneering spirit" removed in one piece, brought ashore and dismantled. Only the stumps of the support structures still protrude above the water surface.

But even after more than ten years of discussion, more than 300 studies and a discourse with 180 organizations and 400 individuals, it is still not clear what should happen to the structures under water. Brent Alpha is a steel structure with a base, but Bravo, Charlie and Delta have so-called gravity foundations made of concrete, each weighing around 300,000 tons. In 140 meters of water in the rough North Sea there are 64 huge concrete cells, 60 meters high, with walls one meter thick. They were used as tanks and contain 41,000 cubic meters of an oil-sand mixture. That is a total of almost 11,000 tons of oil. In addition, there are 640,000 cubic meters of lightly contaminated oily water.

"They have to get out", demands Bussau. "As little as possible of the production platforms has to remain in the sea." However, different ratings are on the table. "The risks of complete removal are greater than the environmental benefits", says Katrin Satizabal, an expert in oil and gas production at the German subsidiary of the Shell Group. After intensively examining all options on the basis of the prescribed criteria of safety, environmental impact, technical feasibility, social consequences and economic efficiency, Shell considers it necessary to leave the plinths and foundations in the water.

The decision is made by the British government, but the other states have a say. Berlin stands by the side of environmentalists. "We now have the chance to define a clear procedure for the environmentally friendly disposal of old oil platforms in the future"says Environment Secretary Jochen Flasbarth. 

German darts professional Max Hopp has positive memories of his next World Cup test. He beat the English veteran Mervyn King six years ago, at the age of 18. "I know my breakthrough came here at Ally Pally against Mervyn King. With that I secured a Tourcard. From then on things went uphill for the next few years"said the 24-year-old Hesse at DAZN. Hopp mastered his opening hurdle at the World Cup in London against the Australian Gordon Mathers on Wednesday with 3-0 and will now meet King on Saturday (4.00 p.m. / Sport1 and DAZN).

The 54-year-old veteran is in excellent shape having recently reached the final of the Players Championship Finals. Hopp, who is not seeded this year, is considered a narrow outsider, but is optimistic about his second round match: "Why not experience a second spring again? I wouldn’t mind, as 2020 was a bit mixed." In addition to Hopp, Nico Kurz will also start the tournament on Saturday (7 p.m.). He meets the former World Cup finalist Andy Hamilton from England.

This hat trick is just the beginning for Kai Havertz. "It was a great night for Kai, the first of many for him", enthused Chelsea coach Frank Lampard after the three-goal gala of the German national team player in the 6-0 in the league cup against the second division club Barnsley. The former Leverkusen man proudly carried a freshly disinfected match ball home as a souvenir after his first goals for the Londoners.

The doubters, who after the first two rather weak appearances of the 21-year-old for the blues, eyed the mega-transfer critically, have fallen silent again for the time being. Bayer Leverkusen could collect around 100 million euros for Havertz in the end, it is the highest transfer fee to date for a German professional footballer – and quite a burden for the midfielder’s narrow shoulders.

"I’m getting fitter step by step. The game today was very good for me to gain more confidence"Havertz let know. "I hope we can continue like this", he said. Above all, the change from the flank to the position behind striker Tammy Abraham, who replaced Timo Werner this time, was visibly good for Havertz. "I am very happy with Kai. It was exactly as I had imagined for him that evening", assured Coach Lampard.

England ended the dry spell in the pubs after a three-month forced break. The result: crowds and arrests. But the police draw a positive balance overall.

After more than three months of forced break in the corona crisis, the pubs in England have reopened and experienced a rush. The Soho nightlife district of London was crowded and arrested.

Strict conditions apply in the pubs, for example pub visitors must leave their contact details. Orders can only be placed at the table or via the app. Nevertheless, it was feared that there could be excessive alcohol and riots. 

You can see what scenes happened after the pubs reopened in England and how the police dealt with suspicious pub visitors in the video above or by clicking here.

"I am a cider man": Prince William treats himself to a drink Pubs open again: Pubs in England are allowed to reopen News blog on Covid-19: Here you will find the current developments Sources used: dpa news agency

They are supposed to prevent mold growth in bathrooms, but are often dangerous for people and the environment: "Eco test" tested 19 white sanitary silicone grout – 5 products are "insufficient".

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