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For a final clarification of the cause of death, the autopsy result has to be awaited

For a final clarification of the cause of death, the autopsy result has to be awaited

The tax assessment working group actually meets twice a year, in spring and autumn. Because the effects of the corona pandemic were difficult to assess in spring, this extraordinary meeting was postponed for September. This should make it easier to plan the budget for the coming years. Bavaria’s state government has to submit the new double budget for the next two years to the state parliament this year – presumably in November.

A fire in a house in Landau an der Isar (Dingolfing-Landau district) caused damage of several hundred thousand euros, primarily due to soot. According to the police on Monday, nobody was injured or endangered. The cause was still unclear. There are no indications of arson.

First of all, a passerby discovered a burning power line on Friday. A lot of smoke then alerted the emergency services to the fire in a building nearby. Several fire departments then moved out to contain the flames.

A fire in a sawmill in Dietfurt (Neumarkt district) caused damage in the six-figure range. According to the police on Monday, it was initially unclear why the fire broke out. A technical defect is possible. Several media had reported about the fire.

The sawmill burned down completely on Sunday. A timber warehouse was also damaged by the heat. The smoke could be seen for miles, the extinguishing work lasted until Monday morning. According to the police, no one was injured.

Bad news for fans of Kerstin Ott: The pop singer has postponed her tour to spring 2021 due to the Corona crisis. After big concerts were banned nationwide until the end of the year, one sees oneself forced to do so “with a heavy heart”, said her agency in Bayreuth on Friday. “I’m going my way – The 2020 Tour” was actually planned for November and December.

New dates had to be found for 20 concerts in large arenas. “We hope that with the postponement we will be able to give all visitors more planning security and a carefree concert visit,” it said. The tickets are still valid. The singer became known through the song “Die immer laughs”.

An 81-year-old man was found dead in a lake in the Rottal-Inn district. The man was most likely killed in an accident, a police spokesman said on Tuesday. The senior was reported missing on Monday morning in Kirchdorf am Inn, in the early evening, according to the spokesman, he was found within walking distance. For a final clarification of the cause of death, the autopsy result has to be awaited. There are currently no indications of an act of violence.

Beavers keep settling on railway embankments. Deutsche Bahn (DB) is working on solutions as a precautionary measure so that the protected animals do not cause serious damage. The company has now had its first artificial beaver den built in Germany near Landshut – so that a beaver can move into it and not dig in the dam himself. The beaver management of the railway is to be expanded, as DB spokesman Bernd Honerkamp says.

The biologist Michael Schmitt is responsible for the beaver projects in Bavaria. As a state-certified beaver consultant, he wants to ensure a “peaceful coexistence” of the animals and the railway. Because the animals are protected, they cannot simply be removed from a railway embankment. “That wouldn’t do anything either. Because when one beaver is gone, the next one comes,” says Schmitt. That is why railway lines are regularly checked for possible damage from beavers.

Along numerous railway lines in Germany there are streams or drainage ditches in which the animals feel comfortable. One of them is the Weiherbach near Landshut. There is now an earthwork near a railway embankment, consisting of concrete pipes, a ventilation shaft and an underwater access. The pipes are laid with soil – so that it is a bit more comfortable for the Biber family. “The beaver has his castle, and we have no problems on the embankment,” the expert imagines. According to our findings, the recently completed building is not yet inhabited.

The dam between the Weiherbach and the railroad tracks is already secured with wire nets for several kilometers. Beavers cannot create earthworks here and thus soften the ground under the tracks, as Schmitt explains. Artificial engineering is an attempt with which Swiss colleagues have already had good experiences.

In his work – which is still relatively new for DB – Schmitt is in a professional exchange with Gerhard Schwab, the beaver manager of the Free State for southern Bavaria. According to Schwab, there are around 23,000 beavers in Bavaria. In addition, there are around 6,000 beavers that are on the move. And it was precisely these that caused problems for the railway in their search for territory. Schwab assumes that the artificial structure will find a resident. “Beavers look where it’s convenient. He doesn’t have to build a dam or work here.”

Munich (dpa) – In the further fight against the corona virus in autumn and winter, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder wants to ensure regular daycare and school operations and business life.

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“These are the top priority goals: Strengthening the economy – and maintaining schools and day-care centers for families,” said the CSU chairman of the German press agency in Munich. “These are vital interests that affect a whole society.”

Söder made it clear that in case of doubt, further easing of the anti-corona measures, for example in the areas of sport and culture, have to take a back seat. “The job is to find the right timing and tuning to keep the numbers stable.” Söder therefore strictly refused to move away from the cautious anti-corona course. “We should not now, under the pressure of some vocal protesters from the right-wing scene and conspiracy theorists, revise the entire strategy for which the whole world envies us.” In the international context, Germany is seen as a role model. That is why he is firmly convinced that the course is overall right.

Söder warned to hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. “Autumn and winter will definitely be a test,” he said. The infection numbers should “go back down”. “We want to prevent a second lockdown.” That is why it is important to act quickly – and regionally. “The number of infections on site are decisive. If these numbers exceed certain thresholds, we will react consistently,” he emphasized.

For Söder, one of the decisive factors is the development in the coming weeks, when school starts again in Bavaria, in regular operation. “We hope that school starts successfully,” he said.

Söder warned urgently against carelessness. The numbers in Germany seemed to be stabilizing somewhat, also in Bavaria. “But there are exponential developments around us again. In Spain, France, the Czech Republic and Italy there are the highest numbers since May,” warned the CSU chief. And the Robert Koch Institute shows new risk areas almost every day. “That is why our benchmark must remain: Safety first – and patience.”

Nobody knows how the situation will develop in the coming weeks. “The fact is that vacation brought many infections to Germany: those returning from traveling and family returnees have increased the incidence of infections, coupled with recklessness and unreasonableness at private parties and celebrations.”

“Corona is and will remain dangerous,” warned Söder. However, he also emphasized: “Joy of life and reason are not a contradiction in terms.”

The end of summer gives him a bit of a headache. “The challenge in fall and winter is both medical and psychological,” he explained. “Medically, because the risk of infection is higher in closed rooms. And psychologically, because more people then have simple cold symptoms again and of course it is initially unclear whether it is a normal cold or corona.”

The program of the Bayreuth Festival for next year is fixed: A new production of the “Flying Dutchman”, the “Lohengrin”, the “Meistersinger von Nürnberg” and the “Tannhauser”, which should not be performed again until 2022, are planned. “That is the current resolution,” said Georg Freiherr von Waldenfels, chairman of the administrative board, on Tuesday. “I am firmly convinced that we will have a festival in Bayreuth next year. What is possible in Vienna, Salzburg and Zurich should also be possible in Bayreuth.”

At the same time, rehearsals for the “Ring des Nibelungen” by director Valentin Schwarz, which was supposed to have its premiere this year and was postponed to 2022, are to run. “Nothing has changed about that,” emphasized von Waldenfels.

The board of directors had already decided on the schedule at the end of July. The decision was associated with a certain risk, the chairman admitted. Because of the Corona crisis, the festival was canceled this year. The performance of Richard Wagner’s great choral operas in particular requires a sophisticated hygiene concept, according to von Waldenfels. The assumption of the additional or failure costs still has to be clarified. “We are working flat out in these weeks and months,” said von Waldenfels. “I assume that a concept that is conclusive from today’s point of view will be available this year.”

An aerial bomb weighing 130 kilograms was defused in Traunstein on Friday. “The world war bomb has been defused and the danger averted,” said the city.

Because of the defusing, more than 1,100 people had to leave their homes that morning. As the city announced, houses had to be cleared within 300 meters of the site.

The bomb had been found on a construction site the day before and the police had guarded the site during the night.

After a mass test in the Mallersdorf monastery in Lower Bavaria, two sisters and one employee were found to be infected with the coronavirus. The Straubing-Bogen district office announced this on Tuesday. After a nurse who works in the cloister’s internal senior citizens’ home was infected with corona and went into quarantine, around 600 nuns and cloister employees started a series check-up on Friday. According to a spokesman for the District Office, the average age of the sisters is 83 years.

The two infected sisters were housed in isolation in a monastery wing. The employee is in quarantine at home. The contact persons of the three infected people – about 30 to 40 people – would be tested again, said a spokesman for the authorities.

The monastery had initially canceled all events. Agriculture and the kindergarten of the monastery in Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, which is the motherhouse of the poor Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Family, are not affected by the series test.

Munich (dpa) – Learning at home instead of at school – that also stressed the Fantastischen Vier quite a bit during the corona-related school closings.

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“We all have children who go to school. I really had to nibble on homeschooling,” said band member Thomas D of “Münchner Merkur” (Tuesday edition). “What madness to do homework with the children. My son is twelve and goes to high school. When he comes up with math …”

The musician came in an unusual way to relax – he bought an excavator according to the paper: “I love digging holes.” But he doesn’t yet know exactly what these are supposed to be good for.

The band, which has been around for more than 30 years, wants to be on stage again in 2021. It will be “a year like we’ve never had it before,” hopes Thomas D. Like many other musicians, the Fantastischen Vier had to reschedule their concerts. “People are hungry for it. You can see it in the many illegal parties. The isolation is troubling us all – and people will celebrate all the more when it is possible again.” You won’t give up. “As long as we can go, hear something and speak, we will give concerts,” promised the 51-year-old. “Fanta 4 for ever, baby.”

A cyclist was hit by a car with a trailer in Kirchanschöring (Traunstein district) and was fatally injured. According to previous investigations, the 67-year-old driver collided with his vehicle combination with the oncoming cyclist on Wednesday afternoon, as the police announced. As a result of the collision, the 48-year-old was thrown against the trailer and seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital where he later died. Further details on the cause of the accident were initially not known.

A group of hikers wanted to climb the Kehlstein when there was an accident: A Briton fell deep into a gully. Weather conditions made the rescue operation difficult.

A hiker fell around 100 meters near Berchtesgaden – and survived seriously injured. Despite the fog and the onset of winter, a rescue helicopter was able to fly the 29-year-old to a hospital, as the emergency services announced on Tuesday.

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