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It seems that the pedagogy they hope to organize will be based on self-government.

It seems that the pedagogy they hope to organize will be based on self-government.

Younger souls are no stupider or worse than old ones. Their "lessons" are related to survival, ambition, program organization and success, while the "lessons" of old souls, which websites that write your lab report they develop for their development, relate to global and emotional connections.

Each age of the soul fulfills its task and is valuable in its own way. Old souls often encounter misunderstandings on the part of younger ones and find it difficult to communicate with younger ones. But the old soul must realize its responsibility for the experience it has gained and learn to be tolerant of their point of view in dealing with young souls. The old soul should not forcibly "help grow" young souls or remake the young.

The various, and especially valuable, age aspects that are present in our souls must be balanced. For example, when our actions are controlled by the child’s aspect of the soul, we can understand: it comes from the fear that the situation will get out of control. Hence the conclusion: control leads to a more civilized society.

There is reason to believe that in our civilization the majority are young souls of the last levels and mature souls of the first levels: Yu (levels "la", "si") and C (levels "to", "re"). According to the current trend, in thirty years the average age of souls in the international community will become mature. According to all the features of the octave scale proposed by California sociopsychologists, Ukraine as a whole also has a chance to move from the peak curve at a young age to the peak curve at a mature age.

Since society is dominated by young souls, culture and subcultures in it are built on those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are shared by young souls. Young people value success and competence above spirituality. They see the world in polar terms, in the terminology taken from the opposition "black and white", etc., avoid halftones and smooth transitions. This can be seen in our inherited political system. Television and other media in Ukraine still support the minds of mostly young souls. Because people are strongly influenced by their parents and society, older souls find it difficult to manifest and they often get "stuck" at an early age.

It seems that before the Orange Revolution, Ukraine still consisted mainly of more mature than young souls. However, for most of us, since the collapse of the USSR, the infant component of the soul, as well as children and youth, have remained largely underdeveloped. Solving the problems typical of the post-Soviet period, our souls developed (for all these components together) to the stage of maturity.

Old souls of "indigo children" in opposition to young souls in our education

What ideology is reflected in modern pedagogical systems most widespread in Ukraine? The ideology of which souls? It is reasonable to expect that the picture here is similar to the situation that prevailed in the spheres of power.

At one time, in a keynote speech (February 4, 2005), the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, in fact, promised that soon the state apparatus would be mostly young. This and a number of other facts, in our opinion, give rise to further expectations. In the future, the activities of the bulk of ordinary officials (most likely, it is young souls) will be criticized from the standpoint not only of children’s and younger souls, but also from the point of view of mature and old souls. A similar picture, in our opinion, is expected in public education institutions, schools and even universities. The educational system as a whole, including their teaching staff, will also symbolize the philosophy of young souls.

If earlier the educational system taught mainly survival, then the ability to socialize, now – another. Now she mainly teaches the ability to create a "fabric" of civil society, elements, institutions of civil society, she instills the skills to live and prosper in such a society. In fact, we are now teaching what is the basis of the philosophy and ideology of young souls. Education and upbringing as a citizen are expected to dominate for some time. And the well-known "civic education" is only one of the areas of such knowledge. And only after many years will we move on to something like noosphere education. It is very noteworthy that such education, in particular, includes the theory and practice of social self-defense, which take the baton from the "science of survival" and in particular the basics of life safety.

Such an opinion, expressed by the outstanding teacher A. Shenderovich, found wide support at the IX International Festival "Pedagogy of the XXI Century" in Odessa (2005).

However, as we know, the "indigo children" who are being born now are mature and older souls! Hence the inevitable conflict between a teacher or educator, on the one hand, and a child with a mature or old soul, on the other. How to be? .. This is a little studied conflict. There are arguments in favor of the fact that all "indigo children" on our planet behave as a fairly holistic system. Moreover, when "indigo children" reach adulthood, their relationship within the socio-cultural field is strengthened. Without accepting too harsh assumptions yet, we will still consider all "indigo children" within this system of education as some system. This system is complex and unique and that is why it is clearly at odds with the traditional education system. We will call it indigo opposition.

The teaching staff will have to take the philosophy of old souls especially seriously. Souls are older than the average soul in this very pedagogical team. It will be necessary to understand the theoretical basis on which pedagogical teams are attached, to look at it from above, from the height of older souls. However, criticism from young souls, younger souls, will be incomparably more aggressive. The most developed among young souls (including in the cohort of teachers) must rise above the assertion of their own rightness, generalize their approach and other people’s methods of cognition, learn to recognize the full and adequate of other people. Such a synthesis, such assimilation of experience, should be taught by ideologues and priests of the new government. And, of course, teachers, school teachers, educators.

Young souls immersed in the body of a teacher will have to avoid the old desire for uncontrolled power, the principle of "who is stronger, he is right." The processes are so painful, but the changes they entail can reform both the state and the economy.and the system of values ‚Äč‚Äčof the nation (especially the micro-society, family and school).

It seems that the upper stratum of ideologues of the modern education system, the mature souls of this stratum, are collectivists and do not seek to establish the dictatorship of either their doctrines or their dictatorship. It seems that the pedagogy they hope to organize will be based on self-government. The outdated hierarchy will not be established there. Within the lagging pedagogical practice, children – mature souls, increasingly aware of their rights, will have to deal with cruelty or, at least, with harsh authoritarianism. As they say, its recurrences are tenacious. In essence, "indigo children" will become a kind of pedagogical opposition, opposition to traditional orthodox teachers and educators.

Both teachers, and "indigo-youth", and "indigo-students" should have the task of civilizing and organizing mentally younger strata of society; to create conditions for greater independence of young people, for their productivity and for their materialistic approach. And even do it, overcoming their episodic extremes, as a kind of childhood disease. The approach to life inherent in "indigo children" and, moreover, mature souls, in general, will eventually become more respected.

Since now the top of the pedagogical system, its ideologues and priests are relatively more mature souls, such is its ideological and political power, such authority of its leaders should stimulate within the army of teachers and, further, in students the development of collective consciousness , growth of public consciousness. They are obliged to cultivate manifestations of emotionality, openness, sincerity, peace, altruism.

The ruling elites in the education system must be interested in cultivating love of neighbor and the world, pity and mutual understanding. Religiosity and love for fundamental knowledge, philosophy and art should be encouraged in society. And, of course, to creativity and nature. In this way, the revival of this socio-cultural potential is inevitable and excesses by government officials. Inflections, distortions in the ideology of mature souls begin to create obstacles for both young and old souls. For example, as usual, the creation of what is officially considered fair will be encouraged, but at the same time vital, common sense will be lost. Thus, now in Russia, within the framework of the regime of "managed democracy", there is a tilt of the dominant ideology towards the values ‚Äč‚Äčof Orthodoxy. This distortion is known to lead to a sharp simplification in all the richness of spiritual values ‚Äč‚Äčpromoted through the media. This strengthens the power of only the orthodox Orthodox clergy. So to speak, the "cultural gene pool" needed for the development of society is degrading.

Aspects of conflict inherent in children of more mature souls

Sometimes people who are approaching the stage of mental or spiritual maturity find it necessary to suppress their young aspect of the soul, causing poverty, tragic losses and illness in their lives. They do this in order to discover their mature aspect. This is usually helped by relationships that are characterized by high emotional intensity. More mature souls are less selfish and more focused on others, seeing them as their reflection. This quality gives mature souls an aura of sincerity that distinguishes their age from other ages. The greatest insult to a mature soul is when something is done to it that it would not do to another person. More mature souls are less militant than younger ones because they see themselves in others. Often their lives are spent in emotional tossing and tearing because they try to reveal themselves emotionally. It is in mature souls that cases of drug addiction, suicide and incurable diseases often occur.

However, it is known that "indigo children" who are born are mature souls and even older souls. Hence the inevitable conflict between the teacher or educator and the child with a mature and older soul.

Anti-indigo factors

For the development of the soul of the "indigo child", to achieve a number of goals on the path of its progress in the system of modern education, there are, unfortunately, many obstacles, obstacles and evil.

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