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Whenever Chantal Carr saw Marco Polo emerge from jail, she joined up with him, and i really could see her telling him that I became when you look at the club, looking to communicate with him.

Whenever Chantal Carr saw Marco Polo emerge from jail, she joined up with him, and i really could see her telling him that I became when you look at the club, looking to communicate with him.

Marco Polo is thirty-three, younger than their cousin by four years, and handsome. His locks is black colored and curly, combed back. He’s got the appearance of the rich Italian and playboys that are latin-American disco at Regine’s. Standing within the hot sunlight, he had been weeping very nearly uncontrollably while Chantal Carr patted him comfortingly from the straight straight back. A small man with wounded eyes behind him stood his father. Roberto Polo Sr. seemed desolated by the disgrace which had befallen their family members, along with by the shock of getting simply seen their son this kind of circumstances that are awful.

“My bro is merely devastated. He could be destroyed,” said Marco as he arrived to the cafй. The jail had been filthy, he explained, the foodstuff inedible. Prisoners with cash could buy meals and sundries when you look at the jail shop, nevertheless they weren’t permitted to save money than 450,000 lire, or $350, per month. Roberto Polo, mostly of the prisoners to own that form of money, had invested his entire month’s allowance in the initial day or two of their imprisonment. Throughout the right time i was at Lucca, he could not really purchase stamps.

“I am surviving in subhuman conditions … with murderers, thieves, medication traffickers, etc.,” Polo had written in a news release from their mobile. Each morning, they were allowed to pace back and forth in an enclosed patio for exercise for two hours. “He is very incommunicado. He doesn’t realize that men and women have visited see him,” said Marco. The actual only real site site visitors he had been permitted to have had been their lawyers and people of their instant household, but also they certainly were perhaps perhaps perhaps not permitted to bring him a prescription he required or a brandname of toothpaste he requested—only meals.

Marco expressed surprise in the newsprint protection of his brother’s dilemma. “They have actually convicted him with out a trial,” he said.

Your family had been looking to get Roberto’s launch on bail. That afternoon the solicitors had been due, Gaetano Berni from Florence and Jacques Kam from Paris. It seemed commensurate with the glamorous facets of Roberto Polo’s current life that Maоtre Kam, the main attorney he had chosen to guard their passions during the time the warrant for their arrest had been given, has also been the attorney of Marlene Dietrich, the belated Orson Welles, Dior, and Van Cleef & Arpels. “Speed is of this essence,” said Marco. “Everything comes to a standstill in August. The system that is judicial down. Needless to say, whether or not bail is awarded, all their cash happens to be frozen.”

Around us all within the cafй, awaiting the afternoon viewing hours to begin, had been prisoners’ loved ones, numerous with small kids. Taking a look at them, Marco said, “Roberto really wants to see Marina, his child. But Rosa in which he are determined she not come that it is best. She’s five. She’d keep in mind.”

I inquired about Rosa, who had been anticipated in Lucca the following day from Paris, and who I experienced talked with some days early in the day. “Rosa have not cried as soon as,” responded Marco, and there was clearly a criticism that is implied their vocals. It really is a known truth among almost all their buddies that Rosa Polo and her husband’s mom haven’t gotten along. Rosa, nonetheless, that has every reason enough to be outraged during the place she discovered by by by herself in, had been staunchly faithful to her husband that is beleaguered when spoke together with her. She actually is, most likely, the child of the diplomat. Soon after her husband’s disappearance five days before their arrest, the French police confiscated $26 million in paintings and furnishings through the couple’s Paris apartment, making Rosa along with her daughter only mattresses on the ground to sleep in. “This entire thing happens to be a dual cross,” she had said. “We recognize who may have been feeding every thing to the press. Once the press it is hard for anyone to ever think you. destroys you,” The individual who she thought had double-crossed her husband ended up being Alfredo Ortiz-Murias, the previous associate of Roberto Polo that has gotten one of is own farewell telephone telephone calls. “We are united,” she had thought to me personally about Roberto and her.

Marco along with his dad were additionally scornful about Alfredo Ortiz-Murias. “He had been constantly jealous of my cousin,” Marco stated. Ortiz-Murias had been the witness that is principal the suit brought against Polo by Rostuca Holdings, Ltd., an off-shore company running out of the Cayman isles, whoever cash ended up being handled by Polo’s business, pamg. It arrived on the scene within the discussion that the guy behind the ongoing business called Rostuca had been the governor of just one associated with poorest states in Mexico. We remembered Gaetano Berni saying in my opinion a few times earlier in the day, relating to this man that is same “What kind of individual has $20 million in U.S. bucks in money outside their own nation? Also Mr. Agnelli or Mr. Henry Ford, as he ended up being alive, didn’t have $20 million in cash.” He’d grimaced and shaken their mind. The implication ended up being clear.

“Will you let me know the circumstances of Roberto’s arrest?” We asked Marco.

“I be aware three tales. I actually do perhaps perhaps not know what type may be the truth,” he replied, dismissing the topic.

We had heard a few tales too, 1st from Alfredo Ortiz-Murias in nyc, about their farewell call from Roberto. Relating to Ortiz-Murias, that has blown the whistle on Polo, Roberto had thought to him, “Good-bye, Alfredo. It’s 6:30 a.m. in European countries. I’m very sorry you felt that real way about me personally. Good-bye.” Whenever I asked Ortiz-Murias just what their response to the decision had been, he stated, “He had been wanting to make me feel guilty.”

I experienced additionally heard from Pablo Aramburuzabala, certainly one of Polo’s investors, a well-to-do businessman that is mexican spouse may be the godmother of this Polos’ child, that Roberto had called their home four times to state he would definitely commit committing committing committing suicide. “The very very first 3 times I happened to be away, but my spouse talked to him. He had been calling from a telephone that is public. Him, he said he had never done anything wrong when I talked with. He provided me with the target in Viareggio and stated if I wanted that I could call Interpol. He stated he had been saturated in bloodstream and didn’t have too much effort. He then should have called their mom. I was called by her to express that Roberto had been dead. She stated she didn’t understand where you can head to claim their human anatomy. We provided her the target in Viareggio. Then your bro, Marco, called from Tokyo. Marco stated Roberto was found by an ambulance and was at a medical facility in Viareggio.”

Roberto Polo provided their own type of their arrest in a news release: “I ate some seafood which evidently made me extremely unwell, because at the beginning of the morning, I called my buddy (whom lives in Milan), whom talks Italian, so that you can ask him to phone the authorities place to possess them deliver a health care provider because we felt like I happened to be dying. My cousin, who has got a close buddy in Viareggio, asked their buddy to phone the authorities so they deliver a health care provider to see me personally. Because of the time the physician arrived, I experienced currently vomited along with some tea: we felt far better. Nevertheless, a doctor took my blood circulation pressure, stated so it had been a little high, then left. a hours that are few (I happened to be currently dressed to attend the coastline back at my bike), the authorities came back with no medical practitioner and asked me personally to choose them to your section.… I became interrogated.… After that I happened to be taken, handcuffed, towards the jail where i will be in Lucca.”

It appears odd that the individual desired by law enforcement in three nations would phone their bro in Milan to phone the authorities in Viareggio getting a physician for an attack of food poisoning. Relating to Gaetano Berni, the Florentine lawyer, Roberto himself needed an ambulance. This indicates odd additionally that nowhere in Polo’s account regarding the occasions in Viareggio does he point out Fabrizio Bagaglini. Just Gaetano Berni would talk about Bagaglini once I brought within the title He stated, “Fabrizio remained before the arrest.” We will arrive at Fabrizio Bagaglini.

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